RIP Sir Richard Attenborough Aug 29th 1923 - Aug 24th 2014 (x)

My friends and I kickstarted a new blog called thefilmmagazine, so check it out if you like movies (which you all do, I’m sure). 

Everything that’s posted is original content. We have a bunch of gifsphotosets, etc. for you to sink your teeth into :) I hope you enjoy! 

Anonymous said: LICK THE MAN BUTT




Come at us bro…

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Not today

The new Final Destination movie looks great

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This be the life.

This be the life.

Anonymous said: do you still exist?

Haha, yes I do. 

I just blog at warstaws now.

Good food!

Good food!

Film Fans

A group of film nerds (including me) have started a blog we’re going to develop in to awesome huge things and you should come and join us :)

All ideas are welcome. The blog is thefilmmagazine and if you’re interested you should follow it and leave us a message in our ask box.

Breathtaking Movie Scenes

"Deserted Times Square" in Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky (2001)

Reblogging because I made it.

Just a reminder that I’m still alive and that you should follow my new blog because it has barely any followers: