I started York Uni today :) 



By Joseph Wade

It’s that time of week again - Monday, duh - so it’s time to fill your evening with some comic relief courtesy of some really bad cinema. This week, our subjects accidentally provided us with enough ammunition to certify their careers as “all but dead”. That’s right, this week’s list is… 10 of the Worst: Career Sinking Movies. Enjoy!

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RIP Sir Richard Attenborough Aug 29th 1923 - Aug 24th 2014 (x)

My friends and I kickstarted a new blog called thefilmmagazine, so check it out if you like movies (which you all do, I’m sure). 

Everything that’s posted is original content. We have a bunch of gifsphotosets, etc. for you to sink your teeth into :) I hope you enjoy! 



Not today

The new Final Destination movie looks great

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This be the life.

This be the life.

Anonymous said: do you still exist?

Haha, yes I do. 

I just blog at warstaws now.

Good food!

Good food!

Film Fans

A group of film nerds (including me) have started a blog we’re going to develop in to awesome huge things and you should come and join us :)

All ideas are welcome. The blog is thefilmmagazine and if you’re interested you should follow it and leave us a message in our ask box.

Breathtaking Movie Scenes

"Deserted Times Square" in Cameron Crowe’s Vanilla Sky (2001)

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